How to: turning a stripped AR lower into a complete AR lower

Here’s a video for everyone planning to spend the upcoming holiday weekend finally turning that stripped AR lower and that parts kit into a working, complete, lower receiver.

Common sense tips for handloading safety

At some point, almost every firearms enthusiast has considered giving the art/science of handloading ammunition a try. While on the surface, handloading is a straightforward process, producing safe ammunition requires a high de...


Tips for choosing a concealed carry pistol

Here’s one for those of you contemplating what pistol to buy for concealed carry. The video represents one man’s opinion, of course, but the points are certainly worth contemplating.

Helpful How-to: Disassembling the Beretta 96

Today’s how-to vid demonstrates the complete disasssembly of the Beretta model 96. Video courtesy of the Weston Summers Youtube channel. And also a vid explaining how to put it all back together.  

Helpful How-to: Disassembling and cleaning a Remington 870

Here’s a comprehensive video guide to disassembling and cleaning the Remington 870, courtesy of the Mrgunsngear Youtube channel.

How-to Video: Properly Mounting an Optic

Here’s your how-to guide of the day. The video covers the installation of a precision optic.

The basics: stripping, cleaning, and maintaining an AR-15

Here is a fairly comprehensive how-to video that walks the viewer through basic AR-15 maintenance. Enjoy.

A list of handy online resources for the firearms enthusiast

The internet is vast. Type any term or combination of terms into a search engine and you’re bound to see tens of thousands, if not millions, of results, most of which are thoroughly irrelevant. This truth applies to firearms ...