Tips for choosing a concealed carry pistol

Here’s one for those of you contemplating what pistol to buy for concealed carry. The video represents one man’s opinion, of course, but the points are certainly worth contemplating.

How it’s made: Ruger handguns

Here’s a brief video peeking in on the manufacturing process for Ruger handguns.

Helpful How-to: Disassembling the Beretta 96

Today’s how-to vid demonstrates the complete disasssembly of the Beretta model 96. Video courtesy of the Weston Summers Youtube channel. And also a vid explaining how to put it all back together.  

Gun review: The Ninja Glock

Yes, this video has been out for a while, but it’s still funny as hell and it’s a great note on which to end the work week. Have a great weekend, everyone.