Understanding optics: first focal plane vs. second focal plane

Selecting an optic is as important (or more important) than selecting the firearm on which it is to be mounted. Optics, like almost all other firearms related technology has come a long way in recent decades. While this means t...

Cartridges of the 2010s so far

It could be argued that the introduction of new rifle, pistol, and rimfire cartridges to the market is superfluous in 2014 given that by 1960, there were enough extant rounds to fill all hunting and shooting niches many times o...

Helpful How-to: Disassembling the Beretta 96

Today’s how-to vid demonstrates the complete disasssembly of the Beretta model 96. Video courtesy of the Weston Summers Youtube channel. And also a vid explaining how to put it all back together.  

4 things to know before getting into handloading

At some point, almost every firearms enthusiast has contemplated taking the plunge and investing in a handloading setup. While the art of ammo craft can be enjoyable and rewarding, there are a few key things to consider before ...

Helpful How-to: Disassembling and cleaning a Remington 870

Here’s a comprehensive video guide to disassembling and cleaning the Remington 870, courtesy of the Mrgunsngear Youtube channel.

Ruger announces introduction of its 50th anniversary model 10/22

Sturm, Ruger & Company recently announced the introduction of its 10/22® 50th Anniversary Design Contest Winning Rifle to its lineup. The rifle, available only in 2014, sports a variety of unique features including a modul...


How-to Video: Properly Mounting an Optic

Here’s your how-to guide of the day. The video covers the installation of a precision optic.

The .25-45 SHARPS goes full auto

We recently posted a brief article on the .25-45 SHARPS, which is one of the more recent additions to the ever-growing lineup of cartridges designed for the AR-15 platform. While conducting research, we stumbled across this vid...

.22 centerfires for deer: The unending debate

If you spend way too much time on gun and hunting forums like we do, you’ll notice that one of the most common, hotly debated, topics is whether or not .22 centerfire rounds are ethical for deer hunting. On one side are the t...

The basics: stripping, cleaning, and maintaining an AR-15

Here is a fairly comprehensive how-to video that walks the viewer through basic AR-15 maintenance. Enjoy.