Using the gun you have for personal defense

Posted May 18, 2014 by muzzlevelocity in Firearms

We’ve entered an age where black, tactical, high capacity, semi-auto rifles and pistols are all the rage and rule the personal defense market. This makes sense. After all there is a reason soldiers no longer go into battle with single shot trapdoor Springfields and a reason why law enforcement officers opt for hi-cap polymer pistols instead of single action revolvers.

Unfortunately, not every citizen with personal defense needs has the means to go out and buy the latest and greatest in tactical weaponry. Sometimes, you have to make the gun or guns you already have work for a variety of purposes, including self defense. Here are a few videos that demonstrate the potential effectiveness of non-black guns in a defensive role.

Single and double barrel shotguns

Vice President Joe Biden recently took a lot of flack for his recent comments about how the best way to defend a homestead was to fire a few blasts from a double barrel shotgun off into the dark to scare off intruders that may be lurking about. Though that particular advice is comically irresponsible, the truth is that a single or double barrel shotgun can be a formidable defensive gun if the operator puts in enough practice time. This excerpt from a Thunder Ranch video shows the potential of such weapons, starting at about 1:45.

And here’s a little more on quickly reloading a side by side shotgun

Lever action rifles

Lever action rifles are the original high-capacity, fast shooting long gun. This holds true today and modern iterations such as Winchester ’92 clones and Marlin 1894s chambered in modern revolver rounds can be a formidable defensive tool.

And here’s some advice on using leverguns for personal defense

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