“Tactical” shotguns for bird hunting?

Posted May 14, 2014 by muzzlevelocity in Firearms

ARs and other black rifles have been gaining popularity among hunters in recent years, but what about black shotguns? How would a short-barreled, open-choked shotgun built with home defense in mind fare against game birds?

This writer highlighted below approached that question a few autumns ago in the woods of Maine. Bottom line: if it throws shot, it can kill birds. Here’s an excerpt.

When the term “bird gun” is uttered, images of fine, walnut stocked side by side and over/under shotguns likely come to mind. Such scatterguns have been ubiquitous among small game hunters since the days when black powder, muzzle loading, double guns were the pinnacle of shotgun technology.

While I am undoubtedly fond of such elegant firearms and would jump at the chance to own a $10,000+ over/under, there are small game hunting scenarios in which the $400 home defense gun may be the better option. Read More here.

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