Sierra Bullets VP weighs in on .22 LR shortage

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Sierra Bullets Vice President of Sales, Matt Reams recently shared his thoughts on the ongoing scarcity of .22 Long Rifle ammunition.

In an April 7 blog post, Reams suggested that hoarders, gougers, and plain old fashioned demand are to blame for the current .22 LR shortage and suggests that problem will gradually improve.

“How will it get better? Slowly.” Wrote Reams. “ The hoarders will get to a point that they feel they have enough or will run out of money. The shelves will start getting enough on them that the gougers cannot buy it all. This will make people stop paying $50-$75 for a brick at gun shows. That will make it less profitable for the gougers to spend their money on and they will stop. The shelves will start to have product again which will ease people’s fears and get them back to buying what they need today instead of what they need for the decade. There is no fast answer.”

Reams’ entire post can be read HERE

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