New from Blaser: The Bockdrilling BD14

Posted May 16, 2014 by muzzlevelocity in Firearms

Here’s one for drilling* and combo gun fans.

Germany’s Blaser recently announced the release of their Bockdrilling BD14, a triple barrel, double trigger work of art that’s ready to take on all manner of game, large or small.

The gun’s top barrel is a 20-gauge shotgun barrel while the bottom barrel is a rifle barrel available in 6.5x 55mm, 6.5x 57mmR, 7x 57mmR, 7x65mmR .308 Win., .30-06, .30R Blaser, 8x57mm, and 9.3x74mmR. The third barrel, which runs alongside and in-between the two primary barrels is available in .22 Hornet, .222 Rem., 5.6x50mmR Mag, and 5.6x52mmR. The front trigger fires the primary rifle barrel while the rear trigger is selectable between the shotgun barrel and the small bore rifle barrel.

While fairly uncommon hunting guns here in the U.S., The potential utility of the combination gun can’t be denied, especially in areas that do not prohibit the simultaneous hunting of small and large game.

There is no MSRP listed for the BD14, but we’re guessing it falls into the, “if you have to ask you can’t afford it,” category.

*Fun fact: the word drilling is derived from dreiling, the German word for triplet.

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