Lead free options for the California slug hunter

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With California set to prohibit the use of lead bullets for hunting state wide by 2019, it behooves the state’s sportsmen and women to start examining lead-free ammo options. For big game hunters using rifles and small game hunters using shotguns, lead-free ammo options are plentiful. Every major ammo manufacturer now produces lead-free, big game loads in most popular rifle rounds and the options for non-lead birdshot loads are seemingly limitless.

Hunters in zones that limit big game hunting to shotgun only, however, have fewer non-lead options. Hunters on WMAs that only allow smooth bore shotguns have even fewer options. Luckily, there are at least a few non-lead slug choices for shotgun hunters packing rifled or smoothbore guns.

Sabot slug options

Hunters using rifled barrel shotguns will have a fairly easy time finding lead free slug ammo. Currently, Remington, Federal, and Winchester offer all copper and hence California compliant slugs. Unfortunately, lead-free sabot slugs are incredibly expensive. Currently, Federal’s 3-3/4-inch 300-grain Vital-Shok load retails for approximately $12 for a box of five ($2.40/round), Remington’s 2-3/4-inch Copper Solid Load retails for approximately $20 for a box of five ($4/round) and Winchesters 2-3/4-inch XPF lead-free sabot retails for approximately $13 for a box of five ($2.60/round). At such prices, just sighting in a slug gun will be an unavoidably expensive exercise.

Lead-free slugs for smoothbores

There are presently two primary options for Golden State slug hunters who by choice or by legal restriction hunt deer with a smoothbore shotgun: Ddupleks slugs and Balle Fleche slugs by Sauvestre.

Ddupleks, an ammo maker based in Riga, Latvia manufactures a number of steel shotgun slugs for 12, 20, and 16-gauges in both 2-3/4-inch and 3-inch options. The company’s Monolit Slugs are of solid steel composition while Dduplek’s Dupo and Hexolit offerings have a pre-fragmented front section bound together by polymer. Depending on impact velocity, the front section will either effectively explode into a shrapnel burst within a target or will open up into something that resembles a miniature saw blade.


Ddupleks expanding slugs are capable of inflicting decisive wounds on game animals.


The second lead-free slug option for smooth bores is the Balle Fleche load manufactured by French ammo maker, Sauvestre. The Balle Fleche is an innovative design that consists of a fin-stabilized cylindrical projectile composed of an undisclosed “non-ferrous” alloy that provides controlled expansion. The sabot that encases the slug allows for firing through a variety of chokes, as well as rifled barrels and choke tubes.


Both Ddupleks and Sauvestre slugs are currently available through century arms international.

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