Black Rain Ordnance circumvents the SAFE Act with NY compliant ARs

Posted May 10, 2014 by muzzlevelocity in AR-15

The recent passage of the NY SAFE act in New York State effectively banned citizens from possessing standard AR-15 rifles. Specifically, the law banned the possession of all semi-automatic rifles that accept detachable magazines and have one or more of the following features: A folding or telescoping stock, protruding pistol grip, thumbhole stock, second handgrip, bayonet mount, flash suppressor, muzzle brake, muzzle compensator, threaded barrel, or grenade launcher. Magazines with a capacity greater than 10-rounds are also now off limits to New Yorkers. “Assault rifle” owners who had them before the ban went into effect are allowed to keep them (for now). Those looking to get into the AR game in New York are seemingly out of luck.

What is a New York resident and AR neophyte to do? Black Rain Ordnance of Neosho, Missouri came up with an innovative solution. Black Rain’s New York Compliant AR-15 (.223/5.56x45mm) and AR-10 (.308/7.62x51mm) rifles come with a fixed, non-pistol grip stock and without such “evil” features as a threaded muzzle or bayonet lug. The rifle also ships with a 10-round magazine.

MSRP for Black Rain’s New York Compliant rifles starts at $2,039.

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