Just when you thought there could be nothing new in the world of shotguns

Posted April 29, 2014 by muzzlevelocity in Ammunition

For several decades shotgun technology has been more or less static. Granted, there have been some shotshell innovations that have resulted in more effective nontoxic loads for waterfowl hunters and more accurate slugs for deer hunters, but at its core, shotgun technology is still rooted in the 19th century. Even the Kel-Tec KSG, is, in spite of its sci-fi movie appearance and unusually high magazine capacity, is ultimately still just a pump action shotgun. A potential game changer in the scattergun arena, however, is the RAS-12 AR-10 upper offered by Intrepid Tactical Solutions of Columbia Falls, MT.

The RAS-12 is an 18-inch barrel AR-10 upper receiver designed to fire 12-gauge “shotshells”.  The word shotshells in the last sentence is in quotation marks due to the fact that RAS-12 ammo is nothing like the rimmed, metal and plastic, cylinders we are all so familiar with. Instead, a RAS-12 round is a rimless, all polymer round containing 9 00-buck pellets and capped off with polymer tip rather than a traditional fold or roll crimp. This unique design allows RAS-12 rounds to feed reliably from a slightly modified .308 cal. AR-10 magazine.


The addition of slug ammo to the RAS-12 line would make the platform a hard hitting, close-range, thumper fit for hunting feral hogs in brush country.

James Reeves of the The Firearm Blog put the RAS-12 to the test a few months ago. The results can be found HERE.

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