For the AR-15, chambering possibilities are seemingly endless

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The booming AR-15 industry has resulted not only in an explosion of manufactures of rifles, carbines, components, and accessories for America’s most popular firearm, but also in the invention of a whole host of new AR rounds to meet the requirements of hunters, law enforcement professionals, and military personnel.

One particularly interesting recent entrant to the market of AR rounds is the 25-45 SHARPS, introduced last year by the Sharps Rifle Company of Glenrock, WY.

To summarize, the cartridge essentially consists of .223 Remington case necked up to accommodate a .25 caliber bullet. According to the Sharps website, the round is compatible with all standard .223/5.56 magazines, buffers, bolts, and other components. All that is required to convert an AR in .223/5.56 into a 25-45 SHARPS is a simple barrel change.

With a muzzle velocity for an 87 grain bullet of 3,000 fps (20” barrel velocity), the round certainly has the potential to be an efficient varmint and medium game round. Time will tell if the 25-45 SHARPS will attain the same level of popularity as other relatively new AR rounds such as the 6.8mm SPC and the .300 AAC Blackout.

A fairly thorough write-up on the 24-45 SHARPS can be found HERE.

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